Enter word "help"

I am a new LipSurfer user with “newbie” problems.

Was in dictation mode. Said, “I asked Jen Howard for help trimming Cali’s nails”

LipSurfer properly detected words, but then highlighted “help”, ignored the
remainder and brought up the “help” menu. “literal help” actually got the words
“literal help” inserted sometimes, but obviously I didn’t want the word “literal” in my text.

How do I get “help” into my text? Tried “spell h e l p” and it still brought up the
“help” menu.


Hi @apwhewett sorry for the inconvenience, this is a bug in the latest version and is being fixed as we speak. The fix will be available and automatically update in Chrome within the next few days.

Usually, “help” would only open help if it was said alone in dictation mode - as opposed to in context in which case the text is dictated.

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@apwhewett thanks for your patience. This has been fixed in v3.10.0 which was released a few days ago and should have auto-updated by now for you!