Kaniwani Plugin integration

Really been enjoying the Wanikani plugin you guys have while learning japanese, it’s really been saving my underarms from a lot of pain so thanks for that! :slight_smile:
However Wanikani only shows has SRS for japanese to english and not the other way around (All cards show japanese and you are supposed to recall the english meaning).
Recently I have figured out I need to work on English > Japanese recall, as I have been relying too much on kanji to recall the meanings. The Kaniwani website uses the Wanikani API, however I cannot switch the language to japanese when I’m on this site. Is this something that could possibly be integrated without too much work? It would be amazing if this is possible, and would save me a lot of trouble while studying.

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for the kind words!

however I cannot switch the language to japanese when I’m on this site.

You’ll need to turn on the Japanese language switching command in the options. It is under the LipSurf plugin. Then switching to Japanese will work anywhere.

As for the custom integration with Kaniwani, if you have some experience with programming, it can be done as a LipSurf plugin: https://docs.lipsurf.com

I am not a programmer but I second the kaniwani request.
This app has saved me much time too, as well as improved my pronunciaition, so thx btw.

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@Gizmo_OG @lipsurfer
This has been available for a few months now FYI: 🎉 New Bunpro, KaniWani, Kitsun.io plugins now available!