👁 v4 Plugin Migration Guide

OK thanks for the reproduction steps. Now I can see what’s happening. Your analysis is exactly correct, it does happen on the blur event. There’s a hack to get auto-dictation working in iframes and it’s overriding your Bunpro context. I will fix the hack in v4.1.0 and make sure that Bunpro is working as expected. The Google Chrome team has been reviewing slower than usual these days, so it might be a week before v4.1.0 is available.

In the meantime, the simplest (very hacky) workaround I could think of is this:

Add to top-level:

function activeElChange() {
	setTimeout(enterBunproContext, 200);

Add to init:

window.addEventListener("blur", activeElChange, true);

Add to destroy:

window.removeEventListener("blur", activeElChange);
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Okay cool, this is working in my quick testing, thanks. I’ll post this version for others to use for now

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I just gave you ownership of this original thread: 🎉 New Bunpro, KaniWani, Kitsun.io plugins now available!

Feel free to edit the whole post as you see fit (it’s a bit awkward now giving yourself thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

IMO, the best way to post them is to use the upload built into this forum.

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Ah okay just noticed. Will update it now

Btw, something else I thought of while testing: it would be easier if the plugins could change language, but then have it revert back to default language (picked in LS settings) on context exit, instead of managing that themselves (which my code tries to do, but appears to do so unreliably)

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I think this might not be sufficient? It appears that the post is too old to edit… I can start a new thread if that’s easier

I have edited it to include the new versions. Some ppl have already reported success with the new KaniWani plugin to us via email, btw.

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