Add custom shortcut is not working

After the latest update, I reverted to factory settings while troubleshooting something, and now I do not get a pop up when I say add shortcut, nor do I get a pop up when I click the add shortcut button from the new tab page. I mentioned elsewhere I’m having trouble importing custom shortcuts, so I edited one of the Json files to contain only one shortcut and then imported the shortcut file.

Well, the add shortcut window now pops up again, but any shortcuts entered do not function. It is the same issue that I have been describing, where lip surf detects what I’m saying and shows it in the preview, and it lights up bright white, but it never turns green. This is the case for anything whether it’s command or phrase.

I’m not sure what to do here because I’ve got a lot of words, like my name, that I need custom shortcuts for. Here are all the custom exports that I have done since I started using lip surf a couple weeks ago:

(June 10 two and three are edits I made in troubleshooting)