Add dictation mode to the new tab page?

Occasionally I run into sites where lip surf won’t work, or certain features like dictation are broken. I usually scratch this up to the site itself having some funky JavaScript (the most recent example was Atlassian Confluence)

Usually what I do is end up reaching for my keyboard but I really want to limit all physical typing if possible, so what would be really useful would be to have a text field on the new tab page where you could enable dictation, dictate some text, copy it, then go back to the original page and paste it.

Sometimes what I’ll do is open a new tab and just freeform dictate to lip surf, then copy the text out of the feedback bar at the top, but this takes some speed :slight_smile:

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Yes I think a “scratch pad” type of feature would be useful. It would get around some of the areas where not all the dictation features work. (But I will look into confluence to see what the specific issue is there)

What about having it as a pop up on page (location configurable to top or bottom using “move scratch pad”). That way you won’t need to open a new tab and have the page context right there with you. Would be good for it to save previous notes as well.

Other potential commands:

  • paste from scratchpad
  • copy
  • new scratchpad (makes a blank scratch pad)

This would probably work but I was thinking the new tab page is going to be totally clean of any JavaScript from the site you’re on, so is guaranteed to work with lip surf.

The problem I was seeing was dictating comments: trying to dictate a comment on the page somehow trigger that edit page functionality in confluence. I’ll try to make a video of it later today.

We can have the scratchpad work in a pretty tight sandbox where I don’t think it will present a problem. The issue with certain sites (like confluence) and dictating text is usually getting text directly into specialized inputs that use bad HTML standards like contenteditable, and iframes.

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