Any way to control non-active tab

I’m wondering before I dig too much deeper into the docs, is there a way for me to control a different tab/window with my voice?

My specific use-case is I take notes for a live YouTube broadcast with a group of people and we collaborate in a Google Doc then I have the YT video playing on a separate monitor. I would love to be able to be in the Google Doc and give play/pause/skip-back/etc commands to the YouTube window. Is this possible or can you only “act” in the current focused tab?

You can make a separate Chrome profile and have one window with your default profile, and one with the new profile. LipSurf can be on in one of the profiles and will only execute commands in that window - even if it’s not focused, I’ve just tested it myself and it works.

That should also be possible with a custom plugin. You would need to use fn the one that runs in the Chrome Extension background context (rather than pageFn which works in the page context).