Auto scroll is not working in Google Docs on a Chromebook

Just for fun I wanted to test this on a Chromebook and it seems to be working very well however when I go to a Google doc and I attempt to scroll it does not work. I’m just wondering if this is a known problem or not if it’s something that could be looked into whenever you have time. No rush it’s not critical I just was hoping to be able to use it for Google docs on a Chromebook but I can use it on my other computer

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Thanks for the report @jdevi! Google Docs and Gmail are special cases for a lot of things - nonetheless, I got this working in v2.7.2 which I’ve released about 15 minutes ago. Please don’t hesitate with any other requests.

Also, if you have 30 seconds to spare, I would highly appreciate a review on the Chrome Webstore.

P.S. LipSurf won’t work for writing the review. Chrome bans extensions from running the webstore for security reasons.