Automatically revert to normal mode?

I often have two tabs open side-by-side.

One is Google Docs and the other is Gmail.

I switch back and forth regularly with the intent of just always being in dictation mode.

However, each time I select one of the tabs, it has reverted back to normal mode.

If I don’t consciously remember this, I can dictate several sentences before I realize that I’m in normal mode instead of dictation mode and I have to repeat the dictation.

I’m wondering if the default behavior should be to always revert back to normal mode or should the behavior stay in dictation mode until the user specifically says to go into normal mode.

I agree with making it stay in “dictation mode” even after tab switching. I can make that the default. And if any user prefers it switching to “normal mode” automatically as is currently, that would be easy to do as a custom plugin - if anyone wants such a plugin - please write here.

Yes, keeping it in the current mode that the user has set it to seems to make the most sense to me. If I’m doing my writing and relying on the dictation capabilities, I am typically switching between tabs and windows as I gather information and dictate onto my page. As it is currently done, I continuously have to put it in dictation mode over and over again. Thanks.

I’ve added this to v2.8.0. Enjoy!