Browser reopen closed tab/window command?

Is there any possibility of inclusion of a reopen closed tab / window command? I find myself using the browser control commands quite a bit more than I anticipated because they are ridiculously convenient. I has a medical condition that results in frequent hand spasms so I am frequently accidentally closing tabs and windows. This is something I think would be pretty easy to code as a plug-in, but I mention it because I’m a little surprised that it’s not included as one of the default browser commands.

Not really a fix via LipSurf but I have accomplished this with a separate program called Voice Attack. Hopefully it’s okay to mention as it’s not really a competitor of LS, it’s mostly for gaming, but I have found it to compliment LS quite nicely. I have Ctrl-Shift-T attached to “undo close tab” along with some other browser shortcuts like opening developer tools, and also use it with a cheap head mouse to do mouse clicks. My recommendation is to make a profile called “LipSurf” that will activate and deactivate with the LS wake/sleep word

It’s a paid app but it’s pretty cheap. I’m not affiliated in any way just a happy user :blush: and figure it would be of interest to LS users too. Unfortunately it’s Windows only