BunPro LipSurf Support

Greetings! I’m a new subscriber coming from WaniKani and wanted to start by saying thank you for creating such a great tool to improve not only my Japanese studying but improving the lives of so many other people who can also benefit from using it.

While I am uncertain how LipSurf integrates with WaniKani (since it seems as though WaniKani mode knows to input and submit the proper Kana if correct), I’d love to throw my hat in the ring and request the addition of BunPro support. It, like WaniKani, requires Kana inputs that other dictation apps simply don’t support. LipSurf definitely gives me the correct answers when I test it, it’s just a matter of integrating it to be able to submit my answer on the site itself. Perhaps this could be done by third-party script as I’ve yet to go down that road (though, the fact that WaniKana mode only submits on correct answer leads me to believe that such is not possible), but in any case I just wanted to voice my request here.

Thanks so much!