Can I launch a program?

I would like to use this on a VR game box where I can, while in the headset, say something like “Launch Dirt Rally 2” and have it launch the shortcut or exe.

Is this functionality in this product? I am a premium member.

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Hi @ProjektB33 that’s not possible in the current version. That would be a security hole. We may be able to cook up a custom version that allows for it though…

My use case. I am going to use Lipsurf for my dragon replacement for work. But as I start thinking, It would be a perfect companion to my VR gaming. Not having to take off VR headset to say launch a sim, or an overlay. Not sure a custom baked would be worth the QA and maintaining the custom ver.

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Worth considering as a feature. A bit complicated, but it would need to be a separate extension that talks to the primary LipSurf extension and has special permission to interact with executables outside of Chrome.

Interested in beta testing it?

Yea of course I am interested. please consider as you are embarking on that journey that there may be arguments behind the .exe to indicate to use VR or OpenVR or resolution overrides ect. Just so you fully understand the use case. ALSO take a look at Steam Links. For running the VR Games, may make it easier to run those, but still need EXEs for the racing sim overlays; programs that run as spotters of other cars and car systems.,shortcut%20onto%20your%20Start%20Menu.