Can LipSurf run in multiple chrome profiles concurrently?

Short version
My first trials suggests that you can’t use LipSurf in multiple chrome profiles concurrently. If so, that’s a bug problem for me, since I depend on switching frequently between 3-4 profiles

i have been moderately successfully in using LipSurf in one Chrome profile, But when I tried using it in several profiles (logging into Lipsurf from the same Google account), I had LOTS of problem. It stopped working in the original profile, and worked inconsistently in others. To fix the problem I had to remove Lipsurf from the other profiles and reboot.

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I’ve confirmed that it doesn’t work in multiple profiles concurrently. We’ll look into how hard it is to get this working and get back to you.

As for having it installed in multiple profiles, that wont cause any issues. I have it in multiple profiles and I just have to ensure that it’s only “on” in one at a time. If it’s on in multiple profiles, as it stands one profile will hijack the microphone and the others won’t work. But you don’t need to uninstall LipSurf, just toggle it off on the profiles you don’t need, and on in the one you’re currently using it in.