Can't use Lipsurf immediately after Wanikani review

This is a really minor problem, but I figured I’d post anyway… Every time after I finish a wanikani review session, on the summary screen I can’t use LipSurf. I usually noticed this because I want to say “tag” to click on the wanikani logo and go back to the homepage, or want to say “sleep” to turn lipsurf off.

I noticed this in the JavaScript console, maybe related:

page.js:1 Could not await previous in Q TypeError: Cannot read property 'en' of undefined
console.<computed> @ page.js:1
console.<computed> @ frame-beacon.js:1
queueUp @ page.js:1
async function (async)
queueUp @ page.js:1
(anonymous) @ page.js:1
VM833:106 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'en' of undefined
    at Object.en (eval at <anonymous> (page.js:1), <anonymous>:106:15273)
    at getMatchOutput (page.js:1)
    at /review/async chrome-extension:/lnnmjmalakahagblkkcnjkoaihlfglon/dist/page.js:1
    at async queueUp (page.js:1)
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I’ve confirmed this issue. I’ll fix it in v3.4.0 being released today. Thanks for the report.

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