Case Sensitive URL not respected

Case sensitive URL in custom shortcut resolves to all lower case when command is spoken

A case sensitive url like this:

becomes all lower case

as result it does not resolve correctly

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Hi Jkonko thanks for your post. We’re already aware of this and it is fixed in v4.0.0 which will be released soon!

Do you have an estimate on when “soon” might be? After playing World of Warcraft for about a decade and a half, I can’t help but hear “soon” followed by TM, LOL. Is this something that we might see in May, or are we probably looking at later in the summer? Ty! :heart:

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You will see it in May. We will see if Google will let us put up a separate Beta listing in the Chrome Webstore so you can get an insider edition and let us know what you think!

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@Aelin_Lovelace @jkonko not sure if either of you had a chance to try the alpha, beta or charlie release, but the official release is live as of this morning (Updates | LipSurf) ! If you haven’t been upgraded automatically yet, you can speed up the process by doing this: Checking Version & Updating | LipSurf User Manual

Case-sensitivity is now respected, among other improvements.