chrome extension crashes during tutorial

Hi, I cannot get LipSurf to work all the way through the tutorial features. When it gets to the page about clicking and tagging, the moment you say click the big button, you see the word ‘click’ in gray and then the extension stops responding to anything. If you uninstall and reninstall the extension but this time try to say ‘tag’ first, simply nothing happens. No amount of uninstalling and re-installing the extension, or closing and re-opening chrome fixes it.

It seems to be OS or chrome-version specific. I can reproduce the behavior on both my husband’s and my desktop Windows 10 PCs, both are running Version 115.0.5790.110 (Official Build) (64-bit) of chrome. The version of LipSurf with the failure is 4.16.0

I also have a macbook air and the extension installs and works perfection on the chome installation (Version 115.0.5790.114 (Official Build) (arm64)) on that laptop. So it seems isolated it this version of chrome.

My husband is disabled and this extension, when we explored the full features on my laptop, would make the web available to him again, which is just so life-changing. Please let me know if there’s any more information I can send you that will help with debugging and getting a patch out for the breakage.

Thank you so much for you work,

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I think this was related to this issue: Tag and click functions broken on Chrome - #3 by Miko

We’ve just submitted a fix and are waiting for the review from the Google Chrome team. Thanks for your patience and let us know if the new version works for you.

Thanks for the update? How long does the review process usually take?