Dictate in Japanese

I was wanting to read my textbook and dictate the words I don’t know in Japanese.

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I think that’s a great use case. I found myself wanting to do something similar. Did you have a particular application in mind to dictate into? Google docs? Jisho.org? I will add this in a subsequent version soon.

Thank you, Yes I would make the list in google doc and probably translate it later with Jisho.

Cool. I will add support for Japanese dictation in 2.2 or 2.3, soon!

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@Samuel_Anderson I’ve added some preliminary dictation mode features for Japanese in v2.3 which has just been released. Here are details: https://www.lipsurf.com/updates#2.3.0 Let me know what you think!

To upgrade more quickly:

  1. Go to chrome://extensions
  2. Enable “developer mode”
  3. Click “update”

Thank you the Japanese dictator has been working well for me. Is there a voice command for the enter key?

Do you mean to insert new lines? Or to submit forms and such like the “submit” command?
I have just added a 改行 command to v2.4 if you mean to make new lines: https://www.lipsurf.com/updates/#2.4.0

Yes, that’s what I mean thank you. I having been using the Japanese dictate a few days now and I have been really liking it. I can read a book out loud quietly and then say the words I don’t know loudly. This saves me a lot of time and does not distract me from my reading.


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Really glad to hear that! I plan on doing the exact same thing! If you have 30 seconds, I would really appreciate a review on the Chrome Webstore. Reviews help LipSurf rank higher and will help the project grow to new levels.