Dictation difficulties in all word processors

I am really struggling to find a web-based word processor that allows any of the editing commands.

I can dictate into Google docs, Microsoft Word online, and Zoho, but I can’t use any of the editing commands.

More of the commands work in the gmail compose field, but I still can’t move to a specific place without counting words. I was thinking that I could select a word and use “press left” to move the cursor before that word, but nothing happens with the “press left” command.

I would really, really love to use this as a replacement for Dragon, but I can’t find any place where I can use the editing commands properly.

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Thanks for explaining your use case thoroughly!

You can say “select [word or phrase]” then use one of these commands:

  • move backwards [n] characters
  • move forwards [n] characters
  • move backwards [n] words
  • move forwards [n] words
  • move up [n] lines
  • move down [n] lines
  • move backward [n] paragraphs
  • move forward [n] paragraphs

Out of curiosity, how are you doing it in Dragon?

I responded in the thread about Google Docs editing commands about this, I would recommend using another editor such as https://anotepad.com/ while we get more editing commands working in other editors. Thanks for mentioning the specific editors that are important to you, we will add test cases for those specifically!

I don’t currently have Dragon. I am trying to get a voice-to-text software through worker’s comp, but it is taking them over a month at this point, and would require me to switch from Mac to PC (as they will not run Parallels). So I was hoping that I could get this to work instead and forget Dragon altogether.

But Apple’s native Voice Control/Dictation (which is terrible) does let you say, “Move before [word or phrase]” or “Move after [word or phrase].”