Dictation mode and command words

I’m having an issue with command words (such as “BACK”) that outside of dictation mode would be used to navigate webpages. What I am doing today is requiring me to dictate many sentences with the word back in them, as in the person is reaching back, but every time I say the word back even in dictation mode lipsurf navigates me to my previous webpage and I lose all my work.

never mind I think I figured it out haven’t needed to use lipsurf for awhile and didn’t know dictation lock mode was a think. Saying it over and over is annoying but that isn’t a lipsurf issue its mturk so I’ll just have to deal with that still saving me a ton of time.

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Yes, that’s one solution.

Another thing to note is if you use “back” alone it will execute that command, but if you say it as a part of a larger phrase, then it will dictate it.

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