Dictation mode does not work in Google Sheets

Open Google Sheets (Google’s version of excel)

Select a cell, dictate, and nothing gets transferred into the cell

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I’ve had numerous requests already for Google Sheets. So I’ll soon add specific support for it. In addition to having dictation working, here’s some sheet’s specific commands I’m considering:

  1. Select [cell]

  2. Select row [row name]

  3. Select column [column name]

  4. Clear cell(s) (clears all the cells in the selection)

  5. go to sheet [sheet name or number]

  6. Bonus: formatting commands (bold, italic etc)

There may be two different kinds of users. In my case I just need accurate transcription. I am much less interested in hands-free control of selecting columns, rows, links, etc.

Being able to be completely hands-free would be perfect for people who don’t have access to their hands.

But for regular users who are simply sitting in front of their computer, being able to click on a link or selected row is very easy to do with your hands.

Accurate transcription is the key thing for me. Thanks.

@Steve_Peterson, OK, we’ll start with just dictation and do the other stuff later.

Thank you. I’m actually wondering about your current customer base and which features are most important to them. For me, it’s about 98% on the dictation capabilities and only 2% on the other normal mode capabilities.

Steve, “dictate” and “dictation mode” are working fine for me in google sheets. Can you open the console by pressing f12 in Chrome and then copy the output there and send it to me? Perhaps there’s some error message.

I’ve fixed capitalization to work in sheets in v2.8.0