Dictation Mode not working, since recent upgrade

I have to toggle it on and off, then say dictation mode, I get the box that says, no need to just start in text box, it doesn’t work, I have to turn it off, then back on and it works, but have to say dictation mode each time. There are words that show up top in black lettering, but it doesn’t appear in the text box. Do you have any suggestions?

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Hi @Heather that’s not the way it should work, but we’re aware of this bug and are fixing it.

In the meantime, the best workaround, is to deselect the textbox then reselect while LipSurf is on. There’s no need to turn LipSurf on/off. Let me know if that workaround works for you!

Actually @Heather I think we are talking about a different bug. Can you let me know where this is happening? What’s the URL and what text box do you have selected?

Hi Heather, Could you please let me know where this is happening? A URL and the textbox you’re trying to dictate in would be great. Thanks!