"Don't Auto Open Help" command not recognized

Hi Miko,

The help box interferes with my workflow (I use LipSurf almost entirely for dictation) as it blocks some of the text boxes I need to write in. I’m able to move the help with the “move help” command (but the help box still blocks text boxes I need to see when on the other side of the browser window), I’m able to close help with the “close help” command, but “don’t Auto open help” does not seem to be doing anything at all.

I’ve tried using the command in multiple web pages but it doesn’t seem to register the command (it comes up as dictated text in the text box).

I’m using Windows 10.

I reviewed an older topic on this “getting rid of dictation context box” but I couldn’t see anything more recent, and nothing on this particular issue. I’m not sure if the drag and move feature was removed, in a more recent version of lipsurf, but I am unable to drag the help box to move it out of the way, or off screen.

Thanks for your help!

@Troy_M there’s a setting under the “Text Input” plugin to prevent the help box from appearing in dictation mode. Yes, dragging the help box around was only possible in very old LipSurf versions.

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Can’t believe I missed that, thanks for your help!