Don't default to google for 'new tab' command

The ‘new tab’ command should just call chrome.tabs.create({ active: true }). That will create a new tab according to how we have configured Chrome.

Please don’t assume we want to do a google search; some people (okay, lots of people) use duckduckgo for example because we prefer not to be tracked by google.

Yes, makes sense. I think I’ll do per-plugin options, and the browser plugin will allow the new tab url to be configured. What do you think?

Yes, that’s the best approach.

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I agree with aparjita on this. Defaulting to Chrome’s “create new tab” function would be great. Chrome provides the ability (augmented with extensions) to control how new tabs get created and what content they might point to. Count me among those who would like to retain the ability to control that. When I tell LipSurf “new tab”, I prefer that Chrome do the rest for me. (I use my own home “index page” as my homepage and for new tabs, and don’t use the Google search engine.)

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We don’t use the default Chrome new tab page because of Chrome extension limitations. Extensions are not allowed to run code on the special “new tab page” for security reasons. So if we left the default new tab page, most commands wouldn’t work and you wouldn’t see the live text.

There is one potential workaround for this, having a version of LipSurf that overrides the new tab page and injects the necessary LipSurf script. I’m not sure that would work well for you though, as it seems you use another extension to override the new tab page already? Is that correct?

I think the solution I proposed above, having a configurable new tab url via LipSurf would work for you. With that feature, you would simply go into the LipSurf options and set a URL for the new tab page under the new tab command.

Thanks for the explanation – that helps an understanding what’s going on and what the limitations and possibilities are. You’re right, I use a Chrome extension to provide the URL for new tabs ( )

Your proposal to have a configurable new tab URL via LipSurf would simply displace this other extension and most likely work quite well.

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@aparajita I’ve added this to the latest release, v1.12.0. Every plugin can now have configurable settings. The “Tabs & Windows Plugin” has a setting for the new tab/new window URL which you can set to your liking!

Let me know if this works well for you!