Dropdown issues unreseolved

I know it’s been brought up before , but I can’t see if it’s been resolved
I’m not sure what website the other user what’s having trouble with, my issue however is with notion.
The drop down menu works on the main page however when selecting any of the options from the left side page, when I say the set annotation, it flashes yellow and then does nothing. I’ve tried using custom shortcuts and all of the recommendations I have read in this forum with no luck.

I can attach the message that shows up in developer mode. I’m not a programmer so although I can tell that’s probably the issue I couldn’t tell you why :slightly_smiling_face:
This is also why I couldn’t figure out how to upload the web screen capture thing I filmed
Anyway I’m so long could get back to me that would be awesome. I really enjoy the app, it’s just I mainly got it to use with notion, therefore it would be pretty useless to me if I couldn’t figure fix for this.
Thanks for your time