Duplication in Google Docs


Good morning I am noticing that many of the things I say are re-entered into the document. leading to the duplication. I’m wondering if you can reproduce the issue or have any thoughts about what might be going on. many thanks

@jdevi I’ve never seen that. Did you try restarting Chrome? If that doesn’t work, do you have any custom shortcuts?
To check, go into the options by saying “options” then click “Custom Homosyns” if it’s there and please share what homophones are there (screenshot is best).


@jdevi I’ll actually need to see all the custom homosyns in order to know if that’s the problem. You can email them to me personally instead of posting here.

Alternatively, you can try this:

  1. backup your homophones (by clicking “export custom shortcuts”)
  2. then reinstall LipSurf
  3. check if google docs is duplicating
  4. reimport you custom shortcuts (by clicking “import custom shortcuts” and navigating to the file saved from step 1
  5. check if google docs is duplicating again