Filling forms/spreadsheets with controlled vocabulary.

I suspect that this is an idea for a new product that uses Lips under the hood.

  • Open GoogleSheet Invoice 1.
    (GoogleSheet tells it to expect the name of a spreadsheet on google drive)
  • Find custname
    (custname is one element on a list of words)
  • Replace spelling Juliet Oscar Hotel November space Delta Oscar Echo End
    (spelling allows a word to be spelled out.)
  • Find First product code
    (Product code is a named range. First is the start of it.)
  • Replace Spell Poppa Poppa Lima Bravo Romeo Kilo. (This is a product code, used to look up description.)
  • Go right
  • Tee Seven (T7 is the size of a pot. Chosen from a limited vocabulary list.)
  • Arrow right
  • Number equal twenty. (Saying number says to expect a numeric quantity)
  • Arrow right
  • Number equal seventeen point 50
  • Goto Next Item (Finds the next occurring element of range Item)

Some of these can be done. Some I want to validate against lists to reduce misunderstanding. The key new concepts here:

  • navigating by range name.
  • Certain ranges have limited values. I do NOT want a drop down list for these. Product codes can have hundreds of items.

English has lots of redundancy in it. Iā€™m partially deaf, and often rewind a sentence and reprocess. Data is less redundent, and often harder to spot errors.

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