Getting rid of Dictation Context Box

When in Dictation Mode a Context box comes up that 99% I do not need to see. I know there is an x to remove it but… I have 2 monitors my main one I am dictating text then submitting and a nee task loads. With each page load the box reappears and blocks things I need to see forcing me to close it after each task so 2-3 times a minute which is really annoying. Second issue is that the box appears in every browser so that on my second monitor that is split between two browsers the box is on of these as well again blocking things I need to see. I mostly monitor those screens with out interacting with them so closing those boxes helps but each time I refresh those screens again the box reapears.

I was wondering if there is a way to dismiss this box so that it does not reappear every time a page loads or is refreshed

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@angel, this makes a lot of sense. We are revamping the help and context help in the next version, it will instead stick to the side and thanks to your input I’ll have something to disable it either for the session or entirely. Really appreciate the feedback, keep it coming!

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@angel I have a fix for this in v2.13.0 which will be out shortly.

I forgot to mention, as a workaround while you wait for the new version to be available, is you can drag that dictation context box around (even off screen) and it will remember where you placed it for that page.