Gmail interface not working

Hi all. I just got a new computer which is Windows 11. I can dictate on this screen (LipSurf support) and navigate. However, for some reason, I can’t dictate in Gmail or use any LipSurf features in Gmail. Any suggestions about how to fix this?

Do you see the live transcript while in Gmail? Does it turn green? Can you show a screenshot of where you’re trying to dictate - so we can see which interface you’re using (feel free to black out any private info). You can send it here or to our support email for more privacy.

Thanks @Miko, for responding. I don’t see the live transcript in Gmail. I do see it here and on other sites. I’m using Google Chrome. I do have a bunch of plugins, but I had all the same plugins on my old computer and they didn’t interfere. I need a tow blank out a bunch of things in order to send a screenshot, so I’ll do that a little later.

Oops. That was a LipSurf issue: I meant to blank out, not tow blank out.

If you’re not seeing a transcript there’s no need to send a screenshot, something else is wrong. Likely this: Additional Steps for Dictation in Google Apps (Gmail, Sheets, Slides, etc.) | LipSurf User Manual

Could you try that, restart Chrome (closing completely and reopening) and let me know?

Hi Miko. I followed the additional steps for dictation in Google apps and then we started Chrome. It still doesn’t work. but I found something weird: LipSurf works with my .edu gmail account, but not in my or my G Suite email. Any ideas about what to try next?

Bizarre. Now it’s working. I have no idea what changed!

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