Gmail,View Or read commands Not functioning

Many features are working well and I am just getting productive but I can’t figure this one out. I am able to navigate to Gmail in a new tab. I am able to select by number an email from the list. However I am unable to open the particular selected email using commands view or read or by using any of the synonyms.

In the help there does not appear to be any appropriate, commands for read or view. I have not tried all the commands but commands like select and Compose, Trash Undo all work. Forgive me if I’ve missed something simple. Thank you

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@auphof thanks for letting me know, and welcome to the forums!

There are a handful of fixes coming to Gmail in the next version. In the meantime, here is a custom plugin I’ve just made so you can use that has the “View Email By Subject or Sender” command and the “View By Index” command.

To load it:

  1. Go to the LipSurf options
  2. Enable developer mode
  3. Click “load custom plugin” and select this file.

Miko thank you for your prompt response that custom plugin works a treat.

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@Miko I just upgraded and I can do everything in Gmail except my Compose does not work at all. I have to manually click Compose on the screen.

I see that “compose” is broken currently. I will fix it. In the meantime you can say “click compose” instead.

@Miko not working at all now. I think it’s sleeping. I don’t know how to wake the app.

You click the extension icon to turn it on. If the extension icon is not visible, click the puzzle piece icon and pin the LipSurf icon to your toolbar.

@Miko ok, the I clicked on the microphone icon and it enabled it. In Gmail Compose still does not work. However, click compose works.

How do I make capital letters either at the beginning of the sentence or somewhere in the sentence?

Is there a guide for all the functions and how to use them? or a video?

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There’s a good tutorial that opened when you first installed it. To open it again say “tutorial”.

There’s no good way to go back and correct text or select previous text yet. That’s coming up in the next version a couple weeks down the line. In the meantime, we recommend dictating everything first, then going back to correct everything manually once you’ve gotten the gist written down.

Capitalizing can be done by selecting the word and saying “capitalize”.

There’s lots of mini video guides on our youtube channel:

@Miko thank you sir. I will run through them. How do you notify clients when the new ver is rolled out?

You get a notification in Chrome. You may toggle these off via the options if they’re too frequent.

@Miko now the PREM Say “hey LipSurf” to get started does not work… I payed for the prem in the morning.

@sonnyvha sorry about the issues you’re experiencing. I think the issue might be with microphone sensitivity. I will push a hot fix tonight with configurable sensitivity and a better default value. The update should automatically get to you within the next few days (depends on Chrome’s review process)

Thanks for your patience!

@Miko no worries brother, I understand. I use to be a software, hardware, and systems engineer for over 20+ years. Don’t miss the days of coding, racking, and configuring the systems. I LOVE my Real Estate Business as I have a team of 262 and I’m the team lead.

I don’t to introduce this to them until I’m proficient at it. :slight_smile:

@Miko Good morning Miko, brother this is not going to work for me unless someone helps me. I would like to do a screen share with someone to get this resolved.

Here is a short video that I created this morning. For now I’m giving up. I have too much to do to spend almost 4 hours between yesterday and early this morning. Sorry, just frustrated!! See the link below.

Thanks for the screencasts, those are very useful!

The usual way to activate it is by clicking the Chrome extension icon. Unfortunately, new versions of Chrome hide extension icons by default. So you need to click that puzzle piece icon in your toolbar and pin the LipSurf icon.

Then, when you’re on Gmail, just click the icon to toggle it on/off, and boom it will work there.

The way you activated it is through the new tab, so it was expecting you to say commands on the new tab. Although unusual, I suppose this should also be a valid way of activating it, so I will fix that too.

Please have patience with us, as this tool is made to look simple on the surface, but is very intricate in it’s workings and we’re paving a new road in the voice control space. We are improving each week so difficulties like you mentioned are ironed out on a weekly basis. Don’t worry - they won’t be there long.

@Miko Yes, I was able to pin the icon.

BTW, the ext does not work at all in my google sheets.

Try removing Google Drive, Google Sheets and Google Docs from chrome://apps (in the URL bar) those are deprecated and no longer needed in Chrome and may cause issues.

They will be removed by default in a future version of Chrome.

Let me know if that works for you.

@Miko Good morning sir! Per Miko, I uninstalled Gdocs apps in Chrome. Uninstalling this plugin, clearing cache and re-installing lipsurf. I’ve already paid for the full version. Just trying to get it to work. Spending way too much time trying to make it work correctly…

Did you uninstall Google Sheets and Google Drive as well, like I mentioned? You need to uninstall all 3. What happens when you try commands on Google Sheets? It has been working fine for me.