Gmail,View Or read commands Not functioning

Many features are working well and I am just getting productive but I can’t figure this one out. I am able to navigate to Gmail in a new tab. I am able to select by number an email from the list. However I am unable to open the particular selected email using commands view or read or by using any of the synonyms.

In the help there does not appear to be any appropriate, commands for read or view. I have not tried all the commands but commands like select and Compose, Trash Undo all work. Forgive me if I’ve missed something simple. Thank you

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@auphof thanks for letting me know, and welcome to the forums!

There are a handful of fixes coming to Gmail in the next version. In the meantime, here is a custom plugin I’ve just made so you can use that has the “View Email By Subject or Sender” command and the “View By Index” command.

To load it:

  1. Go to the LipSurf options
  2. Enable developer mode
  3. Click “load custom plugin” and select this file.

Miko thank you for your prompt response that custom plugin works a treat.

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