Handicapped accessibility

Ive been researching programs that will allow a friend to operate a chromebook completely with his voice as he us disabled and unable to use his hands. Will this allow him to start using voice commands without the use of a keypress or mouseclick and if so is there an option to keep this program running at all times without a it timing out?

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Welcome @FizzyHeart24! That is indeed the goal of LipSurf. v2.13.1 being released today will have much better clicking and tag (for clicking images, icons and other things without words) support, but if there’s any website you find that doesn’t work optimally - you can always let us know and we fix things right away.

Yes, just set the automatic shutoff to 0. But I would advice they simply use the “sleep” command to turn lipsurf off, and “Hey LipSurf” (the wakeword, Premium only) to turn it on.