"Home" browser command

In addition to the already-provided list of navigation commands (open/close, next/previous tab, window, refresh, etc.) please consider adding “Home” (clicking the home button in Chrome to revert to the default homepage).

In the absence of a Home command, I can get around it by saying “new tab, previous tab, close tab”, yet that’s a bit kludgy.

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I will add that.

In the meantime you can add a custom shortcut.

  1. Say “home” or whatever else
  2. Click the live transcript when it comes up
  3. Type “go to duckduckgo.com” in the “translate into…” box

Currently you can only go to top level domains, I will update this to allow for arbitrary paths soon! (Make sure not to include http/https nor any slashes)

Is your custom homepage a publicly accessible URL? Or is it a file:// URL or some other special protocol?

Unfortunately, there’s now way for Chrome Extensions to query the user’s home page… but I’d like to make the “new tab” page work with custom pages.

Miko - in Chrome settings, I’ve got Home Page pointing to the New Tab setting, and for the New Tab setting, I’ve got it controlled by the “new tab redirect” extension. The page I use for the Home button and for new tabs is a local HTML file, so entered like:
file:///C:/Users/Alan/Documents/ … .html

The “New Tab Redirect” Chrome Extension I use is


I’ve added this feature, among others, to v1.12.0, just released moments ago.
If you scroll down to the Tabs & Windows Plugin in the options, you’ll see a configurable URL there. I’ve also tested it, and it works fine for local pages (eg. file://...). Please don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s anything else you need or feel needs improvement.

Awesome! Works well. Thanks.

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