How do I turn off the profanity filter?

This has to be obvious, but I am just not finding it. Where is the option to turn off the profanity filter? Because okay I’ll be honest I’ll swear a lot and I mean at least the asterisks are better than other voice recognition software that replaces a certain the word with duck. But I would really like to be able to turn that off. So if somebody knows how you do this I would really appreciate the help. Thank you so much in advance

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Welcome @Aelin_Lovelace, happy to have you here!

There’s actually no way to do that directly. But, as a workaround, you could potentially make it guess the right slang word using the custom homosyns feature (just try clicking any live transcript when it pops up to see the appropriate dialog) and knowing the first letter plus the number of asterisks. It shows you the first letter, I’m assuming?

Another way around it is to just use custom homophones to map different words to the curse words. Eg. make “shiitake mushrooms” map to that certain curse word etc.

Oh. Um, well how do I put this? My profanity combination and creativity resembles my addiction to tabs in Chrome. Currently, I have 248 tabs open. LOL. Short cuts are awesome but unfortunately they are not going to be sufficient in this case, at least not as they currently operate.

Are there plans to include a way to disable this in the future? I am using this extension for multiple reasons, and while at the moment it is due to an injury that is making it really difficult for me to type, I’m finding that the extension is a lot more useful for a lot more reasons than I expected it to be. I am really loving that I can switch tabs by voice or that I can scroll down or that I can say click next and it will find that text and do exactly that for me. This is really awesome and I love it.

But at the same time I really want the voice recognition to authentically translate my words, even if they are foul-mouthed and definitely not appropriate for children or adults anywhere. Basically, is this on the to do list somewhere? Or, alternatively, since it’s probably low priority even if it is on the to do list is this within the power of the plug-in system to handle? In other words, if I were really dedicated to the power of swearing, could I design a plug-in that would work around the profanity filter less painfully (for some value of painful) then manually entering shortcuts? I glanced over the plugin documentation as figured I should probably ask rather than try to determine it myself. :wink:

Thanks again for all the help!


Really glad you are enjoying LipSurf.

Not censoring profanity would not be as simple as a custom plugin. Looking into it some more, it would mean swapping out the entire speech recognizer for a different one. That’s not on our todo list. However, it’s possible that when we port to Firefox that we could have the profanity filter as an option. Porting to FFX is on the todo list.

Thank you so much for looking into it for me. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only person who would prefer there to be a toggle for the filter, and is that something that can be included with the Firefox Port release, that would be awesome.’

Part of the reason that the custom shortcuts would be a long and tedious project is because I also have to include the various ways that voice recognition will misunderstand what I am saying. Also sometimes it hears a word as being uppercase but sometimes it’s lowercase and sometimes it’s even heard as two separate words entirely. For example, my own name Aelin has required over a half dozen different custom shortcuts already, and I’m not done yet because it still comes up with new and interesting ways of interpreting my speech. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s an easier way to handle that right now. If there is, please tell me. LOL


One day we will have a way to restrict the vocab so it knows to give certain words a higher weight. In the meantime, you could have an alias for your name (eg. “my name”). I agree that the capitalization can be unpredictable. We will add a toggle to let custom shortcuts be case-insensitive at least. Make sure you backup your custom shortcuts using the “export” button from time-to-time!

Actually, I’ve tried the shortcut with a nickname but it doesn’t seem to recognize shortcuts with two words. For example, I tried to use the shortcut of “spider lady” for a friend and when I say those words and I see them in the lip surf preview oh, they don’t change to the name that I have associated in the shortcut. I also can’t seem to get shortcut commands like telling it to go to when I say “open Discord” to work either. Any thoughts on why this might be?

Can you show me a screenshot of those two shortcuts in the options page? It will be under the “Custom Homosyns” plugin.