How to modify shortcut for exact use?

So there’s an issue I’ve been having with the shortcuts for some time and I’m not sure how to modify this. I don’t know if this is something that’s not in the system currently, or if I have completely managed to miss how something works. Here’s what is going on:

I have shortcuts for several words that are frequently capitalized because the Google speech API translates my intonation as being capitalized when it actually isn’t. I have a shortcut for the word “mom” to be capitalized, but, this applies to anything with “mom” in it. Words like moment will be capitalized.

It doesn’t seem to matter where in the word it is either. I find this one somewhat hilarious even though it’s incredibly frustrating when it happens, but, I made a shortcut for Scribd replacing the word “scribe” with “Scribd” because my microphone doesn’t pick up the D frequently. This means that well, when I say things like deScribd or preScribd… Yeah this is what happens.

Is there a way for me to input the shortcut so that it will only be applied to that specific word that I have specified and ignore outright any other words that include those letters?

(also on this note, I would really really really really really appreciate if there could be a way to access the corrections and either delete or disable like I can with shortcuts because this also happens with those and I have had this occur with them and I’ve had to get very creative to fix it. Like, I made a correction for Brea to Rea (because there absolutely was not any letter b in there) aaaadn that means I’ve had to go put in replacement corrections because it would then replace breaking with Reaking. I have selected the case sensitive option and it doesn’t actually seem to affect this.)

Thank you!

You can toggle on the “use regular expression” when making the correction and add \b to each side of the word. The \b is a special character in regular expressions to represent word breaks (e.g. spaces, commas, hyphens, etc.)

I have selected the case sensitive option and it doesn’t actually seem to affect this

Hmm I have just tried this myself with “Brea” → “Rea” with case-sensitivity on and it’s working as expected (saying “breaking” not modified, but saying “Brea” is). There must be something else with your setup.

a way to access the corrections

Yes we need some better way. The current way to access corrections is not great but possible. You have to click on the green underlined part of the live transcript where that correction is being used. You can only modify them doing that, not delete them yet.