How would I go about fixing the Reddit plugin redirect?

So, I asked about the default redirect before, like back sometime in September, and at that point the answer was that it was something built into the plug-in but probably would not be terribly difficult to remove. However, if I understand correctly, at least based on the observation that Miko seems to be the only person who responds to emails, Forum posts and update, and also seems to be the main active person over on GitHub, I can only come to the conclusion that LipSurf is a one-man project, unless there is a resident server ghost that likes to contribute and adds to the code when nobody’s looking. :wink:

Given that I find it somewhat doubtful that there is a contributory ghost hiding in the wings, I am assuming this is something that simply has not been a priority, since I seem to be alone in my particular hatred for the original Reddit UI. Since I know enough about coding to be able to edit things, or, in other words, I know enough to get myself into trouble oh, and I know enough to be able to get myself out of said trouble, even if it does sometimes take 5 to 10 times longer to get out then it did for me to get myself there in the first place. Adventure Time, it is not just a kids TV show.

So, what precisely would be involved were I to take on the project of editing the Reddit plug-in so that it were instead a toggled option where you could choose to either go to the old Reddit site or the new one, as you like. I actually like the other advantages to the Reddit plug-in but I literally cannot stand the look of the original Reddit UI, it’s ugly AF and looks like a 90s web design reject.

I have a question, also, because I imagine there must be other LipSurf users who would like to become involved in plugin development, if there are not several already. Is there something like LipSurf Discord server or Slack for development discussion? I am what my systems administrator ex-partner called an adventurous power user, meaning that I’m not a dev, not professionally, but I’m sure willing to take the risk of blowing my computer up in the process of trying to make something I want to do work, goddammit. :penguin:

LMK! I really would love to do this, but I would like at least some pointers in the correct direction, otherwise I am probably going to find myself stuffed into a box on its way to to Abu Dhabi, goddamnit Garfield.

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There are others making plugins. Plugins are first-class citizens in LipSurf and everything revolves around them. Development is well documented. You can start here: and just go through the 5 minute quickstart. The Reddit plugin is not complicated:

There are many who still prefer the old Reddit, so you should make the changes backwards compatible. A helper function that checks which Reddit is open would work well. If you have questions best to leave them here, under the category you’ve already found.

Yup, I have read through the documentation several times already, and it seems relatively straightforward. I’ve worked on some other projects that had Discord or Slack servers for contributors to hang out while they pluck away at their code, talk through problems if they get stuck, brainstorm, and cheer each other on. If there were something of the kind for LipSurf devs, I wanted to ask so I could maybe get in on that. :slight_smile:

If it’s not something that currently exists, can I put my name on the list of “interested should it happen”? I hope this is not too forward or pushy to offer, but since I know you’re very busy, and that LipSurf development is where you need to dedicate your time, energy, and focus, I would be entirely willing and happy to handle set-up and operation of a Discord server. I have some amount of experience with this, and if it would be something beneficial to others working on LipSurf development, I would love to be able to help give back to a community that has created an extension that has had such a massive positive impact on my life. And, if not, I understand entirely, but I couldn’t not make the offer, you know? :slight_smile:

By the way, @Miko, I wish to clarify that I meant no offense or minimization of the contributions of others, and I apologize for my thoughtless phrasing. I was attempting to convey - and evidently failed spectacularly - that LipSurf does not seem to be a corporate owned and driven project, but rather that how it has come across to me externally is that LipSurf is instead a project that is developmentally headed by you, with the support and contribution of others who volunteer their time and expertise because LipSurf is a project that they believe in. Is that clarification a more accurate understanding?

It’s something I am personally curious about, because I spent close to two weeks researching and trialing various speech recognition/voice control options last May when neuropathic injury to my right arm left me with almost no function. I discovered that it was effectively impossible to find an OS-based program that supported both speech recognition and voice control that didn’t make me wonder if my system had somehow reverted to Windows ME levels of speed.

Additionally, almost all software options had the features I needed to evaluate disabled until you purchased it - and the cheapest I could find was Braina by Microsoft, at the time discounted to $60/yr license vs. the usual $80. I have no words for my indignant fury at the outrageous cost of accessibility software. Well, okay, not true, I have words, if long strings of profanity count.

LipSurf, quite literally, saved my sanity last summer. Had I not found it, I would have struggled to communicate with my social network, which under normal circumstances mostly online, but COVID decimated what little in-person social interaction I had. If I hadn’t found LipSurf, I would have been limited to my tablet and phone alone to communicate, since those have built-in voice recognition. I know I’ve told my story before, but - I feel that I owe LipSurf and those involved in its creation and development a great debt, as the injury had a seriously negative impact on my mental health, and I honestly don’t know if I would have been capable of coping had I not found it when I did. I try not to think about that too much.

Luckily, my doctor prescribed me medication that has allowed the neuropathy to heal, and I have regained 99% of the use of my arm and hand, but I still use LipSurf on a regular basis, because it allows me the use of my hands for other things (hands-on crafts like knitting or jewelry-making significantly reduce my levels of panic and anxiety), and it’s become something I consider a necessity even if I no longer require the use of voice recognition to communicate.

… this ended up quite a bit lengthier than I intended, and I considered trimming, but I’ve left as it is because I feel what I’ve said is important. Once more, I am very sorry if my phrasing ruffled feathers, and I’d like to again thank you and all other contributors for the work you have done to create a piece of software that quite literally saved my sanity, and, perhaps, my life as well. :hearts: :rose: :heart: