I am creating shortcuts - They do not work

It is definitely not easy to get support for Lipsurf. There is no place on the main Lipsurf page where explains what to do to contact support. you just have to figure it out. I suggest that you add something to your main page in which you explain what to do to Contact Support.

I have created 3 Shortcuts, but only 1 works.

How can I delete the shortcuts and start over?

Why are the shortcuts not working?

I created 3 shortcuts: Amazon, Cloze (unrecognizable) and Clozee. Amazon is recognizable and executed, Clozee is never executed.

Thank you.

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Hi @TheCEOConfidant

Our “contact us” link is at the bottom of the page along with most other links.

There’s currently no way to directly delete custom shortcuts, but you can disable them via the “options” by unchecking the box near them. We realize that this isn’t ideal and we’re working on overhauling custom shortcuts for an upcoming new version. (updates are applied automatically)

The problem with your custom shortcuts might be the casing. You have to match the lowercase/capital letters that you get in the live transcript when you say the word. The best thing to do is to say the word you want as a custom shortcut first, then click the live transcript - that way you get it exactly as it should be. This has been a source of confusion that we’re going to fix along with our custom shortcuts overhaul.

Thanks for your patience!

P.S. you can also start from scratch if you don’t mind losing your settings to delete custom shortcuts - just “reset to factory defaults” in the options.