In dictation mode: Deleting text and navigating to new field

How do I delete in dictation mode? The undo only is helpful to delete an entire word not best a letter and the undo button does not help if I need to go back and correct a word. for example in this sentence I need to correct best to just.

Also, how do I navigate from one field to the next? For example in the current dialog box I did not know how to get from topic to the body of the message

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Welcome to the forum @Lynn and thanks for the excellent questions!

Currently, the functionality to edit words anywhere in the text is being developed. It’s not ready yet, but will be soon! We’ve had many requests for this feature.

As for navigating fields, you should go into normal mode, and then either:
a) say “tag” and then the tag name next to the field
b) say “click [text in the field]” eg if the placeholder says “email” you can say “click email”

Future (coming soon) functionality:
c) say press tab to go to the next field
d) say the label next to the field

Hope this helps!


What is the progress of any deleting text feature? I would absolutely love it if there were a way I could dictate: “backspace 17” And have it backspace that many times. Thank you.

It’s in the works. It will likely be available within the next few weeks.

Excellent. You are working very hard.

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I have a handful of new text editing/revision commands working, ready to be released in the next version :smiley: . Here is a preview:

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