Internationalized "Hello World" not show in plugins list

I’m trying 5 minute quick start and internationalize it to Japanase as the document says, but does not work in somehow…

In English, it show up in the list and it works.
When switched to Japanese, it does not show up in the list and of course, it does not work.

as plugin, seems Japanese language is supported.

However, in Japanese, it disappered. “世界のご案内” (nickname in Internationalization Example) should be in the list.

How can I solve this? Thanks.

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Hi Kuniaki,

Yes, Japanese is supported. Can you share the plugin here with me so I can take a look as to what may be wrong?

I’ve already solved this.

I had not matched “Commands” key with example.

HelloWorld.languages!.ja = {
  niceName: "世界のご案内",
  description: "非常に単純のプラグイン",
  commands: {
    "Hello World": {
      name: "ハロー・ワールド",
      match: "はろーわーるど",
    commands: [
        name: "Respond",
          "Respond with something incredibly insightful to the user.",
        // what the user actually has to say to run this command
        match: "hello world",
        // the js that's run on the page
        pageFn: function () {
          alert("Hello, Developer!");

After I changed it to “Respond” which is key defined in 5 min quick start, it works!

I think it would be better that keys are matched between both examples.


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