Issue with correcting word or phrase

When I need to correct a word or phrase, Lipsurf inserts the new word with improper formatting. Here’s an example:


This is an example of the software that I recently purchased.

I decide I want to change the word “software” to “program.”

  1. If I select word and say program, it changes the word but inserts an extra space:

This is an example of the program that I recently purchased.

  1. If I select word, delete it, and then say the new word, it inserts an extra space in front of it and no space after it:

This is an example of the programthat I recently purchased.

I would like to be able to select any word or phrase and simply talk over it to correct it.

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The issue isn’t displayed well here, but test it in Google Docs and you’ll see the issue.

I see what you’re talking about. I’ll put this improvement in the next version.

Fixed in v2.6, thanks for the report!

I don’t see that this has been fixed.

When I double click on an incorrect word and then talk over it it still adds a space right before the new word.

So, you end up with two spaces between those words.

You’re probably on an old version. To update:

  1. Go to chrome://extensions
  2. Enable “developer mode”
  3. Click update

No, it still doesn’t work on the latest version:

Dictate the first sentence, then double click on the word “software” and say “program.”

It will change the word but insert an extra space:


It’s working for me. Where are you dictating the text? Do you see v2.6.0 in the plugin’s options: (chrome-extension://lnnmjmalakahagblkkcnjkoaihlfglon/views/options.html#plugin-TextInput) like this:

ah, I see the issue is only on Google Docs now. Sorry about that! You’ll see that it works in other places (like this forum reply box) I will fix it in google docs right away.


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Yes, I see google docs is the issue. In the meantime you can see it working here, and elsewhere:

There is also a problem in gmail:

After dictating the sentence, I double click on “software” to select it and then say “program.”

Here’s what happens:


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Thanks for your patience Steve. I’ve fixed both the issue in Gmail and Google Docs in v2.6.1 which I’ve just released a few minutes ago. If you try a manual update in 10m or so, it should work!

I still see the extra space issue especially in Google Docs and I am on version 3.9.0.