Japanese numbers don't seem to work on wanikani

When i get numbers like 二百 or 四百 in my reviews and I try to say them it doesn’t seem to work properly. if I say よんひゃく the transcript will say 400 and it doesn’t work.

any help would be appreciated.

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Those used to work, must be a regression after the major upgrade in v4. We’ll look into it!

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Fixed in the now available v4.1.0, you will be automatically updated shortly or you can easily force the update to happen immediately.

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Thank you so much for your hard work. Everything seems to work way better now since the update.

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This issue seems to be happening again sometimes. I noticed it with 一年生.

Also i had this come up.

About the upgrade message, the first thing to check is if you are signed in correctly, and it says you’re on Premium. But it might still happen if your internet connection is unstable. If it happens again, can you try just restarting Chrome?

Looking into the “一年生” problem