LipSurf process running after turned off

Great plugin.
Sometimes keeps running after turned off, resulting in my computer being loud.
Shown here is task manager with LipSurf running, but turned off.
Wake word is disabled.

I can kill it, but that’s not ideal.
Any tips?

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Welcome CoffeeCup! Great first post!

Actually, we’re making performance improvements as I type this that will be released in the next version so your timing is prescient. It’s strange that the CPU is pegged with the wake-word disabled. A temporary workaround could be to toggle off/on the extension via chrome://extensions. Was there any particular command you tried before you noticed this CPU getting pegged like this? Ideally we would know the command and the page (URL).

Thanks for the tip about turning on/off.
I think the activity was dictation into an email, but I will try to pay more attention next time.
Looking forward to the improvements :slight_smile:

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I confirm that this issue arises when using dictation inside of Gmail.
And turning on/off in chrome://extensions works.

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We have the release with performance improvements coming out today, you will be upgraded automatically. Thanks for your report. By any chance, do you use the WaniKani plugin or do you ever switch to Japanese with LipSurf?

And no, I do not.

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OK, because Japanese uses a lot more memory, but you don’t need to worry about that. v4.6.0 has the improvements. You should see the memory and CPU usage way down. CPU measure is not that accurate in the Chrome task manager in our experience FWIW.

You will be updated automatically, but you can speed along the update like this: Checking Version & Updating | LipSurf User Manual