LIpsurf refuses to do anything but "New Tab"


I am coming back to Lipsurf after a while and I had forgotten many of the code words so I thought it was operator error when LS stopped working. I could turn it on and off (Manually) but the only command that would work was “New Tab”…?

It seemed to be intermittently responding to my commands. Do you think it was trying to update itself and got too busy to respond? Could there be a conflict with other programs? Why would “New Tab” work and nothing else?

Any suggestions would be helpful. I turned the Auto sleep feature off (down to 0).

Actually, the feature I turned off was the Automatic shutoff.

I don’t see why that would be, but if it’s been a while, perhaps uninstalling and reinstalling would help. We have a new troubleshooting page here: Not Working | LipSurf User Manual

Thanks for the quick response! I will look at your suggestions and see what version I am using. If it is out of date, I will uninstall and reinstall it. So far I have not used it very much so the history of my voice is not too long.

Thanks again!

@TNesler did you get it working?