Movies playing in background

LipSurf is picking up on YouTube videos I play, a lot of them saying all kinds of things. I like to leave on LipSurf during YouTube in PIP mode. Do I need to be concerned at all?

@icyulkn there are a variety of things to do in this case.

  1. Tell LipSurf to stop listening - say “stop listening”
  2. Use the “Automatically Pause LipSurf When Videos Are Playing” option (say “options” then go to the Media plugin, it is the first option there.
  3. Use a headset (LipSurf works much better overall this way)
  4. Use headphones

Let me know which option you go by and if it works well for you (I haven’t tested 2 with PIP but if it doesn’t work I can likely fix it for you.

I like to surf the web while youtube is playing. Are you saying I should be concerned here? It’s dictating all kinds of things. It’s just a privacy concern that’s all.

I’d like to add I am trying out new things to keep it from picking up too much. I positioned my microphone better, tuned it’s device settings in Microsoft sound settings, and found out how loud I can play YouTube videos.

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In terms of privacy, there should be no concerns ( we are not a data collection company - we are funded directly by people ugprading to Plus or Premium. I would only be concerned about what commands get executed by the video.

I think I found a bug? When I search for something and get the results and say "Click (keyword term), and there is more than 1 result given and it brings up the annotations, I say the annotation and they all just disappear (even when saying it correctly.) Hope this helps.

Thanks @icyulkn I’ve just confirmed this is a new issue on the latest v3.7.0 we will fix it ASAP.

I have released a fix for this in v3.7.1. Unfortunately, we still need to wait for the Chrome webstore to approve this update. It can take a couple of days. If you’d like, you can email me to get the new version faster (would require a manual install).