Mturk functionality

Hi a mikob responded to a post I made on reddit suggesting someone use Lipsurf for mturk. I had mentioned that it does not work in the “hit frame”. They asked what I needed it to do in the frame. Thought I’d also post my response here.

both clicking buttons and scrolling would be great but being able to click i.e select bubbles or click submit would be the most useful. being able to dictate would also be useful but again clicking would be top of my list.

I know a lot of people who depend on mturk for income due to disabilities who would greatly benefit from being able to use LipSurf more on mturk, myself included. Even those with no disabilities would benefit from the added speed of being able to use their voice.

here is a hit that would require mostly dictation and scrolling inside the frame- notice the tags allowing me to click browser controls but nothing inside the frame

This one would require clicking a button and selecting radial buttons

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Thanks for showing me the screenshots and detailed examples. This should be doable, I’ll get back to you.

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@angel the problem was much harder than it seemed, but good news - I finally have it working! I will do some more testing and likely release it tomorrow. I think MTurk will be an interesting use case.

@angel v2.7 was released, please let me know how things fair out initially. There still might need to be some tweaking, but much more things should work with the updates!

tags are working great. Dictation is not

Thanks again for trying to make this work

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Great! Thanks for trying it out so quickly. We’re getting there! The hard part is done.

I’ll look for a HIT that needs dictation and see if I can get that working. Thanks for your patience!

I made some changes in v2.7.1 just released a few minutes ago and tested dictation on MTurk - should work for you now. Let me know how things work out!

You can force the upgrade to happen sooner this way:

  1. Go to chrome://extensions
  2. Enable “developer mode”
  3. Click update