Open New Tab - Lipsurf Doesn't Work

Open New Tab, say “dictation mode,” and begin talking. It doesn’t work.

Are you opening the new tab with LipSurf by saying “new tab” or just with Chrome? What is the URL of the new tab? If it’s blank (the default in Chrome), then no extensions (including LipSurf) will work there. This is a Chrome security feature.

To work around it, just use “new tab” with LipSurf, or open a real URL.

You can customize your LipSurf new tab URL in the options under the “tabs and windows” plugin.

If I currently have a page open, let’s say … and I want to search for something, I will often just highlight what’s in the address bar and type over it with what I want to search for.

This doesn’t seem to work with lip surf. Am I missing something?

For searching, just say “search [your query]” or “google [your query]”.