Option to change tag colors?

Just wondering if there is an option to change the colours of the tags that appear when we talked of them? Using a white colour on top of a bright yellow is almost impossible to read especially considering how small the tags are. I have fairly good eyesight, but can almost never read the numbers.

Please let me know if there is a way to change the colors, and if not, please consider this a feature request.

Thank you.

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Welcome to the forums @Bluerose!

The tags should be bold black text on a yellow background:

Is this not how they look on your system? If not could you let me know what page you’re on (URL) and send a screenshot?

If this is how they look on your system but another color would be more visible for you could you please let me know what color you have in mind? We are considering a bluish background color for tags but many websites use blue in their design so I’m afraid they would be less visible on most pages.

Hey there . I did some invesigating . It seems that the culprit is this dark reader mode that I am using:

Hopefully your team can have a look at this. There are dev tools that come with this DarkReader, but it seems the tags are removed once the Dev tools are opened.


Here are screenshots:

I have opened up a ticket at the Dark Reader GitHub here:

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Thanks for doing that! I’ve posted there to see if I could help. Indeed dark reader seems to have issues when generating colors with yellowish backgrounds. I tried to work around this on our end, but darkreader just overrides it.

I was also using Dark Reader and having the same issue. I found a workaround, which is to use the Chrome extension Dark Reader Dark instead of Dark Reader.

DRDark: Dark Reader Dark - Chrome Web Store

The LipSurf tags on Dark Reader Dark are very easy to read!

I do think that aside from compatibility issues with other extensions (i.e. Dark Reader), it would be ideal to have controls in LipSurf for users to be able to select the colors. For users who have vision issues, the ability to select the colors can make a huge difference in accessibility.

I also have another feature request for Miko and the LipSurf team. (Let me know if I should create another thread for this). Could you please consider a setting to allow users to control the size of the tags? I realize that if the tags get too big they become unwieldly. From an accessibility standpoint though, it would help me (and surely others) to be able to make them a bit bigger!

Thank you so much! LipSurf is a life saver for me!!!

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Nice tip. Thank you for your contribution!

I suppose we could simply let the user pick any color for the text and background for tags. Adding to our list.

Thanks, this should be easy to do. Added to our list!
P.S. they should scale with the zoom level, have you tried the “zoom in”, “zoom out” and “reset zoom” commands?

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Thank you Miko!!!

Regarding the tag size, I have tried the “zoom in” and “zoom out” commands in LipSurf and they are great! I didn’t realize there was a “reset zoom” command; I will give that one a try too! Sometimes if I zoom in too much, everything doesn’t fit on the screen, though. So, it would be nice to be able to set larger tag sizes without having to zoom in.

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