Option to perform "immediate google search" OR "to briefly activate lipsurf" on new tab

Since opening a “new tab” is a user action that in most cases leads to google search, the requirement to say “hey lipsurf, google” is a bit annoying to me. That is why I currently abandoned your new tab page and went back to https://search.easyvoice.xyz/ which goes to search immediately (btw you should custom search option in most cases as dev simply didnt update url syntax for most engines), but obviously this easyvoice service does not provide your lipsurf custom shortcuts and “go to url” actions making it less useful. So, it would be awesome if your new tab page would have an option (could be a checkmark in settings or also in an actual new tab) to perform google search directly with saying query only, without “hey lipsurf” and also without “google”. For scratchpad i use other extensions (Anywhere stickers - simple sticky notes - Chrome Web Store -awesome it syncs instantly across all browsers) so I would use this new option to “search immediately” all the time, but some other users may toggle it according to their use of search vs use of scratchpad need I guess.
Another possible solution: to give an option (checkmark somewhere) to automatically enable lipsurf on any "new tab action and keep it forced active for 10 seconds or so, therefore abandoning “hey lipsurf” and still keeping your scratchpad, and buildinshortcuts, and go to actions available. This second solution is probably more practical and less disruptive for lipsurf. Thanks, sorry for long post:)

This can be achieved easily if you make a custom plugin: docs.lipsurf.com. But you need to know a little bit about programming.

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