Option to turn off "Show live transcript" doesn't work in Wanikani reviews

This is either a bug report or a feature request… sometimes I shrink the Chrome window down to a tiny corner while watching a video and catching up on WK reviews. This works great with LipSurf except that the live transcript at 45px font size blocks the flash card text of the next card. Ideally this could be styled with responsive css so it doesn’t block the text, I tried to use Stylus to override it but I don’t think it works because of the plug in sandboxing?

So I tried to turn off the live transcript but that option doesn’t seem to do anything in WK reviews


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Thanks for reporting! Confirmed in v4. We’ll have a fix in 4.0.2.

Regarding Stylus, it will still work regardless of the fact that it’s a Chrome Extension because the DOM is still shared. The issue is likely that the live transcript lives in a shadow dom, so you may have to change your selectors (and not sure if Stylus can handle shadow dom)

Fixed in 4.0.2.

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Out of curiosity I tried to use this workaround since 4.0.2 is not available yet, but what everything I’m seeing suggested (/deep/, ::shadow) is deprecated from Chrome these days? Not sure if there is another way to style the shadow dom from outside…

Yes, the review queue is really taking long these days. It seems there is a workaround here that’s mentioned for Stylus and shadow DOM: Apply styles to ShadowDOM · Issue #739 · openstyles/stylus · GitHub

unfortunately that didn’t work for me, not sure why. I guess consider this a request to have LS just style the transcript to scale with the window, if possible