Plugin ecosystem


I wrote SublimeLinter 3 (for SublimeText) and put a lot of effort into making it easy for plugin developers to write and publish plugins. As a result there are now over 100 plugins for SublimeLinter. If you really want to encourage plugins, I have a few suggestions based on my experience:

  • Create a yeoman template that asks a few questions that will fill in things like the class name, description, command, homonyms, etc., and then generates a stub plugin complete with stub documentation.

  • Decide if you are going to have an “official” set of curated plugins. If so, then create a @lipsurf npm org and publish them under that org. That guarantees that users will know which ones are official.

  • Encourage an npm package naming convention for plugins. For example, “lipsurf-foo-bar”. Also, they should be sure to use the “lipsurf-plugin” keyword in the package. That can (and should) be done in the package.json file that is part of the yeoman template.

  • If it’s possible, allow plugins to be loaded from a well-known place on disk. That allows the user to simply download a plugin, put it into a folder, and restart Chrome.


Great advice! I will take action on it!