Pro Upgrade WaniKani

I use LipSurf to study WaniKani, are there extra features that come with the Pro version, or will the current features I use with Wanikani become unavailable once the free trial is over?

Yes, WaniKani will become unavailable once the grace period is over. There are extra features that come with pro:

  • More premium plugins instead of just Wanikani (memrise? gmail? etoeto? we can do websites at your request – feel free to suggest on this forum what sites you would like to use voice control for)
  • Dictation - dictate any words into search boxes, comment boxes, and any other text fields. Just say “dictate [words you want to type]”
  • Edit text - if you need to write longer bits of text, or edit text, the pro version will have an edit text mode soon
  • Wake word - say “lipsurf [commands]” to turn on lipsurf without needing to click the button (coming soon)

Not all the pro features are ready, and the feature list will grow even more, so I’m offering the 20% discount to users who sign up early, before the grace period ends in 2 days (Nov. 7). This is the link with the discount:

Don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s any websites you want handled or if you have any other questions!

Ah, for some reason I thought it was a FOSS project, although I understand why it’s not. You carry costs as well. I’d be willing to buy if it were a one time purchase, but the subscription model is hard for me to swallow. Either way, this is a great service that you’ve created and I know it will be successful!

I sent you an email last week, did you receive it? I used the address you’re registered with here. I can resend it.