Reopen help to where it was closed

Hi again!
I have a problem with the Help feature. I love it (and LipSurf) in general.

Part of the problem is that when I say “scroll”, LipSurf hears “squirrel” most of the time. I created a custom shortcut that translates “squirrel” into “scroll”, but I still end up accidentally closing the Help bar frequently!

When I reopen the Help bar, it would help me if it picked up where it left off (as long as I am still on the same web page). So if I had said “scroll help down” 4 times before accidentally closing it, when I say “help” again, it would open back up already scrolled down 4 times.

This could be reset to the top of the help bar when the user clicks a link or switches tabs.

Thank you for reading and for your consideration!