Repeat after me in wanikani lessons

I have been grinding through a big backlog of wanikani lessons this week, and had an idea.
Right now I just say “next” to click-through the screens for the new item. This gets a little bit old after a while, just saying the same thing my brain kind of turns off.

What if instead we could regurgitate like in a classroom (“repeat after me”) and say the words on the screen to advance? So for instance vocabulary items have three screens: breakdown, meaning, and reading. On the breakdown screen you would be able to read the item back in English to advance, on the meaning screen you could say the same thing or say one of the synonyms since that screen shows them to you, then on the last screen you could repeat the Japanese reading. For radicals and kanji items you would have fewer screens but the same idea would work.

This would be more interesting than just saying “next” and it might even help a little bit with initial memorization.

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@michiakig that’s a pretty cool idea. I agree that it’s likely better for learning as opposed to just saying next or next item. I will look into how difficult it would be to implement.